Została okrzyknięta najładniejszą babcią na świecie. Nikt nie wierzy, że można mieć taką figurę w tym wieku!


Yazemeenah Rossi została okrzyknięta „najpiękniejszą babcią na świecie”. Na Instagramie obserwuje ją już ponad 180 000 fanów. Zgadniecie ile ma lat?

Ta kobieta ma ciało bogini. Yazemeenah wygląda zjawiskowo i pomimo zapewne delikatnego retuszowania zdjęć (w dzisiejszych czasach chyba każdy to robi) to nie można zakwestionować tego, że mimo wszystko wygląda ona świetnie. Dzięki fenomenalnej figurze i zjawiskowej urodzie kobieta była na dziesiątkach okładkach pism i czasopism oraz brała i bierze udział w sesjach i kampaniach reklamowych.

Yazemeenah Rossi ma 63 lata i karierę zaczęła dopiero po 30-tce, czyli w wieku, w którym większość modelek idzie już na emeryturę.

45 years ago today that body was giving birth to my first child, my son Michel, then 2 years 1/2 later to my beautiful daughter Armel on my 20th BD . Today,like never it happened all these past years, I am amazed that 45 years already passed since I had this amazing transcendental experience of giving birth… I was 17 And 1/2, put on 28kg during my pregnancy, looked like a big whale, but was in a tremendous shape, active, diving in water every single day as I was living on a beach in Corsica then one night at midnight the first labor sign appeared… My mother brought me to the clinic and let me there alone … this was the best thing that could happen to me … to be me with myself and … my Higher Self … no one beside me to complain about the pain… so I applied what I read in magazines about breathing technic and yoga that I already practiced when pregnant without really knowing it … I will discover that it is called “Yoga “some 10 years later … My son born in 10 hours naturally without pain killer or péridurale… when the pain was coming by waves I was feeling like if I was a wave in the ocean and I followed the flow with the pain instead of resisting to it to avoid it. Instead of fearing the contractions I was like counting that each one of them was bringing me closer to the delivery and was quite impatient that the next one comes…being in this state of mind made me in fact being totally present in the moment letting my body doing his work without resistances, letting him produce its magic hormones which are here in fact to transcend the pain . At a moment I was like in my body and out in the same time and could see me in pain but not affected by it, it was fantastic ! Since very young I am fascinated by the ability of the body to repair itself while observing how the scratches healed…and when pregnant a common sens inside of me was “ billions of women gave birth since ever, so all will be good “ trusting the power of life and it works ! A whole life time of respecting and trusting my body in his ability to heal makes me how and who I am today at 62 1/2 ?✨? iPhone self-portrait this morning on Broad Beach Malibu .

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Dużo osób nie wierzy, że kobieta ma 63 lata. Yazemeenah twierdzi, że każda kobieta jest ładna, tylko trzeba o siebie dbać – zwłaszcza zdrowo się odżywiać, ponieważ zdrowe ciało to piękne ciało.

Me all raw…spontaneous pic taken by my friend @_wendyboth_

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Mimo że modeling jest zdominowany przede wszystkim przez młodych, to uważam, że znajdzie się też miejsce dla kogoś takiego jak ja. Dojrzałe, zadbane kobiety także są piękne! – powiedziała Yazemeenah

Gdy się człowiek starzeje porównuje się do młodszych. Tak nie powinno być, ale niestety tak wygląda dzisiejszy świat. Nikt nie lubi, gdy ich skóra ulega grawitacji. Jednocześnie starzenie się jest czymś pięknym, ponieważ z upływem czasu stajemy się silniejsi – dodaje kobieta.


Wiek siedzi nam w głowie

„Jeśli jesteś połączony ze swoim wewnętrznym dzieckiem, możesz naładować swoje akumulatory i utrzymać tę energię. Musisz jednak prowadzić aktywne życie, pełne przygód i uśmiechu. I wiecie co? Nie ma czegoś takiego, jak magiczne triki, które sprawiają, że będziecie młodsi – to po prostu nie istnieje. Jak dotąd nie miałam żadnych operacji plastycznych. Sam pomysł, że miałabym się kłaść pod nóż, w momencie, gdy jestem całkowicie zdrowa, nie ma dla mnie większego sensu” – dodaje kobieta.

After almost a month without exercise it is quite hard to go back on track… I take it easy … a 20 minute fast walking in water then some squats, pushups using the rocs around and stretching … I cannot do a full Yoga session outside without being covered above my head. I am too much disturbed by the elements ?, by the birds, the waves, the wind … all sources of stimulation for my creativity . It is like I am melting with the elements and follow their flow … I love to do Yoga in the intimacy of my home to be really in touch with my inner self that guides me from one posture to an other. I practice with or without music regarding the inspiration of the day … my sessions last from 20 mn to sometimes 1h 1/2. I love the feeling of craving my routine lost for a while during traveling, love to feel this thirst of my body to be moved and stretch again… I noticed since many years that these interruptions in my practice where as much important as practicing …they are like time of integration and also like a stimulation for a strong desire to emerge to go back to the practice .And every time I go back to the practice I discover new spaces inside unknown before… for me it is a fantastic process where the guilt of non practicing is inexistant because I realized through time these non practice times are so important in my process of a better awareness and consciousness of my whole being . ✨?✨

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„Najpiękniejsza babcia na świecie” zdradziła sekret, który stosuje od lat w codziennej pielęgnacji

„Używam dużo olejku na moją skórę. Na włosy nakładam olej rzepakowy. Raz w tygodniu szoruję skórę oliwą z oliwek i cukrem, a do tego codziennie jem awokado i organiczne mięso i ryby. I stale jestem w ruchu. Nie robię nic ponad to. Jednak uważam, że bardzo ważne jest to, żeby być ze sobą szczęśliwym w każdym wieku” – zdradza Yazemeenah.

Nie od dzisiaj wiadomo, że zdrowa dieta jest kluczem do pięknego wyglądu. Ta kobieta jest na to żywym dowodem.

Happy! This morning I wake up and felt a push to go and shoot our new cashmere shades that made me jump from bed like so happy at the idea! Something I did not plan at all as I thought shooting toward end of the month in the Desert…at the volcano in Death Valley… My little voice told me to go on the trail close to Malibu Seafood that my friend @jackguyphotography pictured some days ago and that inspired me. It is the first time that I go in the Nature since the day of the fire 11/09… Total devastation…at first I didn’t felt confortable to shoot in this beautiful grey background in memory of the lives who vanished in the fires… looking for a spot to shoot I saw remains of animals who could not escape the fire , I felt emotional but I also saw the new green little leaves exploding everywhere in the ashes … symbol of resurrection, new start , new beginning… We are the image of Nature and have this power inside of us to rebuilt when broken … seing this and linking with the process I started to feel lighter and ready to shoot… Some hikers passed by and one of them asked me what I was doing making flying these colorful shawls … He thought I was doing a Ritual for the place .. I realized that it was in fact it was what I was doing by creating Beauty in desolation, transmutation… and it is true that I felt a lot of Love and compassion while shooting on that ground and inside had thoughts of Gratitude to be alive and to continue to witness about Beauty . While shooting I realized that in fact it was like being close to the volcano where I like to shoot in the Death Valley … This IPhone portrait of me has been taken some month ago by my friend @kellyaxelrad who was part of a collective shooting me included. Very natural light make up done by my so talented dear friend @laurengottmakeup .

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Such an amazing week of adventures… So many beautiful encounters with passionate people about sailing. Amazing story tellers ! I learnt so much from each of them ! Thank you again @valdys.resort and all the people who organized that first new multi50 @grandprixvaldys ! It was a very dense and intense week that I am so grateful to have been part off! such a great experience ! My heart is filled by the kindness of all the people present; it was such a pleasure to share with the sailing teams, the guests from several fields of activities…olympic champions,Chef, artists,business men and women, TV hosts, singer, this privilege time all together. -1- with Christian Lesquer, 3 Michelin stars Chef. -2- Christian Lesquer. -3- with Patricia Herve, journaliste, writer, movie director & Regine Lebrun, public relation. -4- Lalou Roucayrol, skipper @Arkema , winner of the race with his great team. -5- with my little fairy Patricia Herve. -6- with Armel Tripon, skipper of Reaute Chocolat and Francois Van Melleghem , official photographer of the race. -7- with Erwan Leroux, skipper of Fenetrea with his team -8- with Olivier Panis, french racing driver. -9-with Marc Thiercelin, amazing skipper , 5 times around the globe solo and so many transatlantic and other races !!! These skippers will be part of the next route du rhum the 4th of November , solo across the Atlantic ! To follow up!

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Quiet room with view in the center of Paris …

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Some 30 years ago I bought a vintage classic dress with sequin embroidery…I transformed it in a top and miniskirt…Some years after I found a beautiful silver grey silk men Pyjama that became a tunique … with my old boots silver sprayed and my pearls from Dubai this outfit found a perfect setting in this charming environment where classic ancient and modern styles cohabit… it is fun to create and re create with elements collected since ages putting them together…to give life again and again to new with old … very interesting process of creation and recreation as it is truly recreative and pleasant to do as well with ourselves… nothing is to throw away just to trans-form. It is a transcendental process in our daily lives … it is magic … it is Alchemia ✨

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Y by Y in Purple…

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